3D MovieClips with Flex and ActionScript 3

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

ActionScript 3For whatever reason, tonight my brain will not shut up, even after hours of watching Hulu.  So it’s time to share some of what I learned today.  Attention, non-geeks – this will be quite a technology-heavy post.  But there will be pretty pictures.

Flash has had the ability to do 3D for quite some time now, natively, without using any of the fancy libraries out there like PaperVision3D.  All you have to do is set the z property on a MovieClip.  Seriously, that’s all it takes.  And you know how you can rotate a MovieClip by setting the rotation parameter?  Now there are rotationX, rotationY, and rotationZ parameters.  Changing any of these through code will result in the MovieClip being displayed in three dimensions.  Groovy! (more…)

ipod touch musings

Monday, June 15th, 2009

This is my first blog post from my iPod touch. I find that typing on the small keyboard takes longer than a normal keyboard, and the lack of tactile response makes it easier to have all sorts of weird typos. The auto-complete function works fairly well for common words and common typos, but you still have to verify that the iPod software didn’t screw you over while trying to be helpful and user-friendly. Still, the thought of posting to my blog from a handheld device is decidedly cool, and makes my inner techno-geek drool. I got bored in church today and wrote a letter to my Latvian buddy Artjom – in Cyrillic characters, from the iPod. That, I have got to admit, is cool. It even had limited auto-correct in russian! In the iPod/iPhone 3.0 software I would like to see a much better Russian dictionary for auto-complete.

While on the topic of the iPod, I wonder why the included safari browser doesn’t allow you to download files from the web. I mean, I have an iPod that can surf the web, and I can’t download music to it from a server I own, nor can I download pictures to it unless I email them to myself. That is quite annoying!! I haven’t checked to see if I can email myself mp3s and download them to the iPod – I’ll have to try that and get back to you.

All in all, though, the iPod touch is an incredible piece of hardware and software. I mean, it beats the computer I first learned to program on at the tender age of 11 in every aspect, from memory to processor to storage. Plus it connects to wi-fi, plays mp3s and video, has a touchscreen, and a better display than what I used to use in my games back then (I started programming games I’m mode X – 320 by 240 graphics, 256 colors). And did I mention it fits in the palm of my hand? We do indeed live in a marvelous world.