we are insane

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

So, we are officially insane.  We just added three dogs to our tiny little house!  They are all black, female, standard poodles, and they are a-DOR-able!!!  It really makes Shanae happy to have a dog again – a big dog – she was missing her dog back home.  The one with a cast, Cosmo,  broke her leg when she caught it on the fence while playing in the backyard.  Zoey is the big one, she’s about a year old, and very sweet.  Her poor tail is crooked, but it gives her personality.  The other two are Cosmo and Miko.  Cosmo actually belongs to Shanae’s dad and will be leaving with him when he finishes helping us remodel our house (more about that later).  Miko is ours!  She is an adorable fuzz-ball.  We love our pets and even though they cause mischief sometimes, they make us happy and make our lives a little less boring.  Cosmo and Miko are about 3 months old and will be the same size as Zoey when full grown.  Here are some pictures:


Zoey! She's a sweetie

Miko is my little fuzzball

Miko is my little fuzzball

The gimp with her cast

The gimp with her cast

You can see her better in this picture.  She has a special boot on her cast.

You can see her better in this picture. She has a special boot on her cast.

biggest drum kit ever

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

How many drums do you REALLY need in a drumkit? I stumbled on the following picture today:

Terry Bozzio's Huge drumkit

This picture comes from Terry Bozzio’s website (click here for drum specs, click the image to go to Terry’s site).  This is officially the biggest drumkit I have ever seen!  How does one even play such a beast?  I also stumbled upon the following video today.  This is a timelapse video of what it takes to set up the kit.  I definitely admire the guy for being able to play so many drums, but there is no way I would be able to have the patience to setup that kind of a kit (to say nothing of the skill required to actually play it).