flatback and leather books

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

Kawika's flatback bookKawika flatback bookKawika's Flatback Book DetailKawika's Flatbackbook Interior Detail

This is a book I made myself in a bookbinding class with my lovely wife.  It’s a flatback book – a book with a hard spine similar to many books you may buy commercially.  I can’t believe I made something so cool!  Bookbinding is neat, but takes many hours of hard work.  The finished product is amazing, though!  Below are pictures of Shanae’s flatback book:

Shanae's Flatback BookShanae's Flatback BookShanae's Flatbook Book Interior

Shanae is so artistic.  She can take ordinary things and imbue them with artistry and beauty.  I am truly blessed to be at her side.  She took the already-cool book above and made a matching box for it, to keep it safe and protect it.  Here are the pictures:

Shanae's Clamshell Box FinishedShanae's Clamshell box detailDetail of how the book fits into the boxShanae's Clamshell Box Back

But coolest of all is her final project for this class.  She made a leather-covered book to use for quotes.  The edges of the pages are burned so they have a cool, blackened, irregular look.  She used her awesome calligraphy skills to put famous quotes on many of the interior pages.  Basically this book rocks:

Shanae's Leather Book CoverShanae's Leather Book CoverInside PagesLeather Book Quote