“Kings that Died” by Brannon Heftel

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

We recently recorded this awesome, original song by Brannon Heftel at the studio! Check it out:

Ira Glass on Creativity

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Best quote on creativity I have heard in awhile, possibly ever.

Danny Boy

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

This is the best rendition of “Danny Boy” that I have seen in a long, long while.  Enjoy!

The descent of the RIAA into madness

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Oh man.  The Tunecore blog just posted an article that blew my socks off.  I’ve had distrust of the RIAA growing in my heart for the last few years now, as I’ve watched them do the unthinkable, like spend $64 million suing their own customers.  This article so eloquently described how the RIAA has sunk from an agency that started off protecting and promoting artists to one who now blames  them for the demise of the traditional music industry.  If you have anything to do with the music industry, you have got to read it.


apple, eat your heart out

Friday, October 15th, 2010

Ok, this is freaking amazing.  In the video below, the band Atomic tom is playing one of their hit songs…. on the train… with nothing but 4 iPhones!  And it sounds seriously aMAZing!  You gotta check it out! I love it when musicians get creative – I want to buy their album based on this video alone!

If you want to see the original live recording of the song, you can see it here.

grannies with attitude

Saturday, September 25th, 2010

The ladies in this video have some serious attitude.  Check it out:

On a side note, I recorded, mixed and mastered the soundtrack.  Let me know in the comments what you think!

your song played on the space shuttle

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

NASA wants your songs!Hey all you musicians out there!  If you have a space-themed song, or want to write one, NASA wants you to submit it to be played on the last two space shuttle missions as the crew’s wake-up music!

Go here to submit your song: https://songcontest.nasa.gov

You have til January 2011. (more…)

new studio pictures

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

Attention, world!  Heftel Studios has moved to a new location, and it’s looking FABulous!!  Here are some great photos of the new location, which is in Provo right by Deseret Industries (more info available at http://www.heftelstudios.com).  If you’re in the area, call 801-417-0514 to come check it out!

spring recital pictures

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

I was in a recital with my illustrious voice teacher, Anjanette Mickelsen!  Here are some pictures from that momentous occasion.  P.S. Anjie is an AWEsome voice teacher – if you are in the Salt Lake or Provo area and thinking about improving your voice, I HIGHLY recommend her.  Her website is http://www.afmvocalstudio.com.

Thanks for looking!

The Evolution of PC Audio

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Check out the following video for a tour through the history of game audio on the PC. Music courtesy of “Secret of Monkey Island.”

endoora artist opportunity

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

Just got this in my email the other day:


Casting for a reality docu-series for the formation and journey of an international teen band. Record deal with major label already secured. Looking for 5 band members ages 18-22 (18 – 22 that can play younger). Must be extremely camera friendly, an idol in the making. Must be very comfortable in front of the camera and have real ability to play instruments and/ or sing. We’re looking for musicians with their own unique style and sound who absolutely live for music. International travel required. This is a rare and very special opportunity to turn your dreams into legitimate international stardom.

Singer: 18-22 male.

Bassist: 18-22 male or female.

Guitarist: 18-22 male or female

Keyboardist: 18-22 male or female

Drummer: 18-22 male or female

Please contact Matt or Dana at 323.460.5658 or via email:

matt@liquid-theory.com or dana@liquid-theory.com to schedule an audition time (Los Angeles)

Auditions are being held from 1.20.10 – 2.5.10

It’s a great opportunity for musicians, share it with your friends! You have to have an Endoora account to apply. If you don’t know what Endoora is, click here to find out!

buy my piano

Sunday, September 6th, 2009

Front View
This is a beautiful dark-brown Schumann baby grand piano. Shanae bought it for me when we got married as a wedding present. I’m so sad to let it go, but we are moving and can’t take it with us. I’ve been playing for 18 years so I had to have a good piano to play on, and so when we got married we looked through many pianos together and this is the one I finally chose. We bought it used but it is in good condition. There is some cosmetic damage from previous owners that is visible in the pictures, but the action is great and it still plays and sounds like new. It is in need of some tuning. Please, if you are in the Provo, Utah area and are in need of a piano, come check it out!  We are asking $2500 or best offer.

biggest drum kit ever

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

How many drums do you REALLY need in a drumkit? I stumbled on the following picture today:

Terry Bozzio's Huge drumkit

This picture comes from Terry Bozzio’s website (click here for drum specs, click the image to go to Terry’s site).  This is officially the biggest drumkit I have ever seen!  How does one even play such a beast?  I also stumbled upon the following video today.  This is a timelapse video of what it takes to set up the kit.  I definitely admire the guy for being able to play so many drums, but there is no way I would be able to have the patience to setup that kind of a kit (to say nothing of the skill required to actually play it).

music from sand

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

Okay, this is really cool. I stumbled on a video today of a guy who made a song entirely out of sampled recordings of sand. That’s right, he recorded sand in all sorts of ways and then used those samples to make music! Check it out on vimeo:

song about hope

Monday, April 20th, 2009

This song expresses my faith in and my hope for humanity. It is my hope that my music can bring hope and a little more brightness to a world too often darkened by cynicism, doubt, and fear. If you like it, please comment below!