cool mermaid makeup

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Mermaid Makeup

My wife is so creative!  She made her sister into a mermaid for a school activity using just makeup.  She created the pattern on the face by using a mesh bag that originally held mandarin oranges to create the pattern as she applied makeup to her sister’s face through it.

Mermaid Makeup

Yup, she’s pretty cool!

Mermaid Makeup

that’s my dog

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

So the other day I was shocked to find my normally-well-behaved dog Miko up on a chair in the living room…

Silly dog!  She had just been groomed and when she saw the clippers coming out again, she panicked!

halloween 2009

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

Hey, we’ve been pretty sick around here (Shanae has the swine flu, more about that later), but we managed to get in a little bit of Halloween celebration.  Here are a few pictures.  The first two are Shanae’s sister Shayla, dressed up as a tiger.  Shanae did all the makeup and hair and did an absolutely wonderful job.  The last one is me, Kawika, as a punk-rocker with a mohawk!  It was really fun.  Shayla got to go trick-or-treating and had a blast!  She went through a haunted house, and even found two houses that gave out giant candy bars!  I always tried to find the house that gave out the king-size candy bars when I was little, but never was able to do it.  Shayla has now fulfilled my childhood dream.  Here are the pictures:

Shayla with pumpkins

Shayla as a fierce tigerKawika as a punk

we are insane

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

So, we are officially insane.  We just added three dogs to our tiny little house!  They are all black, female, standard poodles, and they are a-DOR-able!!!  It really makes Shanae happy to have a dog again – a big dog – she was missing her dog back home.  The one with a cast, Cosmo,  broke her leg when she caught it on the fence while playing in the backyard.  Zoey is the big one, she’s about a year old, and very sweet.  Her poor tail is crooked, but it gives her personality.  The other two are Cosmo and Miko.  Cosmo actually belongs to Shanae’s dad and will be leaving with him when he finishes helping us remodel our house (more about that later).  Miko is ours!  She is an adorable fuzz-ball.  We love our pets and even though they cause mischief sometimes, they make us happy and make our lives a little less boring.  Cosmo and Miko are about 3 months old and will be the same size as Zoey when full grown.  Here are some pictures:


Zoey! She's a sweetie

Miko is my little fuzzball

Miko is my little fuzzball

The gimp with her cast

The gimp with her cast

You can see her better in this picture.  She has a special boot on her cast.

You can see her better in this picture. She has a special boot on her cast.

new things in north carolina

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

Okay, I promised a new blog post about visiting Shanae’s family in North Carolina, and now it’s time to do it.  It’s been fun hanging out here, I’ve gotten to do a bunch of new things I’ve never done before.  For one, I got to eat rabbit for the first time!  And not just any rabbit:

bunny in the front yard

This rabbit was hopping around in the front yard until my father-in-law shot it with a bow and arrow, skinned and cleaned it, and roasted it on the grill:

rabbit on the barbie!

Yes, that is the same rabbit!!  I wish I could compare to my father-in-law in manliness and sheer testosterone, but I’m afraid that will never happen.  I’ll have to stick to hunting PHP/MySQL bugs in the thickets of server code.  Here is how the rabbit looked on the table:

Roast rabbit with a garnish of parsley

Rabbit kinda tastes like a cross between chicken and pork, with the texture of tough steak (most of the pieces were tough, and some of the pieces that came from the back cut of the rabbit were actually pretty tender).  So there you have it – I have officially eaten rabbit.

Another new thing is I got to ride a riding lawnmower for the first time!  It felt like I was driving a zamboni!!  I’ve always wanted to drive a zamboni!!  I felt like this guy:

Zamboni drivers are cool

Shanae thought it was pretty funny how excited I was to drive a riding lawnmower – her family has always owned them.  I guess in Florida, push lawnmowers don’t count as “real” lawnmowers.

Garden 09!

Monday, April 20th, 2009

Garden Schematic 09!

Any questions?  Planting begins in May!  Woohoo!

flatback and leather books

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

Kawika's flatback bookKawika flatback bookKawika's Flatback Book DetailKawika's Flatbackbook Interior Detail

This is a book I made myself in a bookbinding class with my lovely wife.  It’s a flatback book – a book with a hard spine similar to many books you may buy commercially.  I can’t believe I made something so cool!  Bookbinding is neat, but takes many hours of hard work.  The finished product is amazing, though!  Below are pictures of Shanae’s flatback book:

Shanae's Flatback BookShanae's Flatback BookShanae's Flatbook Book Interior

Shanae is so artistic.  She can take ordinary things and imbue them with artistry and beauty.  I am truly blessed to be at her side.  She took the already-cool book above and made a matching box for it, to keep it safe and protect it.  Here are the pictures:

Shanae's Clamshell Box FinishedShanae's Clamshell box detailDetail of how the book fits into the boxShanae's Clamshell Box Back

But coolest of all is her final project for this class.  She made a leather-covered book to use for quotes.  The edges of the pages are burned so they have a cool, blackened, irregular look.  She used her awesome calligraphy skills to put famous quotes on many of the interior pages.  Basically this book rocks:

Shanae's Leather Book CoverShanae's Leather Book CoverInside PagesLeather Book Quote

kai’s second birthday

Monday, April 13th, 2009


My little brother Kai just turned 2! This picture is from his birthday party, he was simply adorable. So cute!