Permission to sleep

March 30th, 2011 by Kawika Heftel

Ok, this is weird – two blog posts in two days. I promise you won’t hear from me so much in the future ;) .

The title of this post comes from a thought I had, lying here in bed. I’ve always been a night owl, always periodically found myself awake far too late, when all the sensible people are asleep. Part of me likes this time when there isn’t anyone to distract me. Part of me thinks it’s awfully lonely. But here’s my point – I need to learn to give myself permission to sleep. After a long day’s work, my brain is tired, but still literally buzzing with activity. The frenzy of mental exertion that is my workday, working as a flash programmer, doesn’t easily stop just because I turn off the computer and get in bed. Instead, I often find myself unable to sleep as my mind relentlessly turns. Sometimes, I must admit, I’m reluctant to listen to my body and come down off the mental high once the end of the day hits. My body is complaining, begging me to sleep, while my mind chants “more, more, more!” The older I get, the less benefit I get from burning the candle at both ends. In other words, this is not a sustainable behavior. And since I am busier than ever, I need to get my sleeping habits in order so I can keep a schedule, and maintain an adult work week.

So here I go: I give myself permission to fall asleep. The craze of the day is gone, the letdown is okay, learn to coexist with your body instead of fighting against it and you’ll both be much happier.

It is okay to sleep.

It is necessary. You are not superman. You are, however, a diligent worker, and slow and steady wins the race, not manic bouts of insane productivity. I’ve always been good under pressure, a good pinch hitter. But can I consistently deliver, and stick to a maintainable schedule?

That, my friends, is the question. Welcome to adulthood.

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