my twitter comes of age

July 22nd, 2009 by Kawika Heftel
followers > following!

followers > following!

I now have more people following me than I am following! I somehow feel like I’ve come of age in the Twitter world. I’m pretty new to the Twitter world, my account is less than a year old.  I didn’t quite understand it at first, when a friend explained it to me – it took a lot of experimenting on my own to figure it out.  But now that I’m on it I love it.  I especially love using the TwitterFox extension for FireFox – it turns Twitter into a truly real-time stream of updates from people I care about, and allows me to almost use Twitter as an instant messaging protocol.  I also love that Twitter has so many apps that interface with it, it’s available through WordPress here at my blog, and from my iPod touch, etc.  Twitter is truly a modern-day phenomenon.  It allows me to quickly communicate my thoughts on pressing issues to an audience of people that is different from Facebook and other accounts I may have.  I use it to comment on science and technology articles, shamelessly promote my content, and occasionally tell people what I’m doing at work or at my recording studio (shameless plug).  Here’s to Twitter and more growth to come! Follow me on Twitter @kheftel

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